5 Signs Your Business Doesn’t Have Enough Printers in Naperville IL

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Business Services

When your business does not have enough Printers in Naperville IL, you run the risk of disappointing your clients and frustrating your employees. If you have noticed these 5 red flags around the office, you might need to equip your business with more printers.

Your employees spend a lot of time on the phone
When employees work with phones glued to their ears, they can’t hop up from their desks every few minutes for a trip to the printer. In this type of job, it is important to give every employee access to his or her own printer so you don’t experience delays.

When a printer breaks down, your employees’ print jobs back up
If a printer stops working, does your entire office descend into chaos? If so, you need more printers in Naperville IL to serve as alternatives to non-functioning machines. When your employees cannot access the print-outs they need and suffer long back-ups, you risk losing customers and sales.

Your office does not have an open plan
An open-plan office needs fewer printers than an office with closed offices. If each of your employees has his or her own office, it takes more time to visit a community printer to obtain print-outs. In both closed and open offices, however, you should still have enough printers so that employees aren’t standing in line for several minutes, waiting for their documents.

All of your printers are different models
One way to improve efficiency and work flow is to purchase all your printers in the same makes and models. This reduces confusion when it comes to operator error. If your office is filled with different models, consider purchasing a new, standardized fleet to increase efficiency.

You have to change ink or toner more than once per day
Replacing ink or toner in a printer takes time away from other tasks. If you are constantly running to the supply closet for fresh ink, your printers are working too hard and you need additional machines to keep up with your output. Not only will this save time and money, but your printers will also last longer.
If you don’t have enough printers, contact a reputable dealer or consider KKC Imaging Systems as a managed printing service.

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