Installing Hardwood Floors Takes Skill And Patience

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Business Services

Hardwood floors have been known to last in excess of 100 years; it is little wonder then why 21st century homeowners opt for hardwood floors in their modern homes. Installing hardwood floors in San Antonio is a job that takes considerable skill and a great deal of patience. Hardwood floors, once installed, finished and sealed are extremely durable and stunning.

Before hardwood floors in San Antonio are installed the contractor must first visit the site. Regardless of whether the installation is going to take place in a newly constructed home or a home which is being renovated, the subfloor in the area must be sound. The room must be one which is heated and cooled in a normal fashion, if the room is too hot or too cold it will affect the installation as the wood will expand and contract beyond normal limits. Once the hardwood flooring has been delivered to the site it should be left to acclimatize for a couple of days before installation commences.

If the subfloor is concrete it normally will be sealed in advance. When the concrete is sealed properly, moisture will be stopped from travelling from the concrete to the hardwood boards. If the installation is taking place as a part of a rehab project the existing baseboards should be removed. Baseboards can be reinstalled once the flooring is laid.
When the subfloor has been prepared properly the door jambs also need to be prepared. The jambs will need to be trimmed about 1/16th inch above the finished height of the flooring.

Once it is time to begin lying the floor the contractor will usually open six or eight crates of hardwood boards. Because hardwood is a natural product the material contained in one crate will invariably be different than that in other crates. The contractor will mix planks from various crates; in this way the shades will be mixed which will result in a more natural looking finished floor.

The most important step in installing hardwood floors in San Antonio is the first row, called the “base row.” If this row is not installed properly every other row will be crooked. It is possible that interior partition walls may not be perfectly square, this is why an outside wall is where the installation starts, this wall will b truly square.
As the planks are being installed the contractor will ensure that the joints are staggered and the gap left between the end of the plank and the wall is the dimension recommended by the hardwood supplier.

Very few floors are more durable than or as attractive as hardwood floors in San Antonio. If you are building a new home or renovating your current home and you want hardwood floors, you are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling for professional installation. Read more information about Why Hardwood Floors Are A Great Home Remodeling Option.

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