Is A Natural Burial Ground Right For You?

Traditional western burial methods require a casket, encasement, tomb, along with other additions for the funeral service and burial to be complete. Lately, individuals have become more conscious of their options when it comes to burying their loved ones. Burial grounds offering green services are growing in popularity and they are allowing families to limit their carbon footprint.

What is a natural burial ground?

A natural burial ground is a cemetery that allows the body to be placed in the ground wrapped in a shroud. This allows the body to decompose in a natural way with as little damage to the earth as possible. People seeking a natural burial ground can reach a local funeral home that will provide this service. There are many different funeral homes that would be happy to help a family limit their carbon footprint by offering a natural burial ground for their loved one.

How to get this green burial service for your loved one’s funeral

If the concept of a natural burial ground seems to be closer to your preferences, then you may be wondering just where this service is offered. The truth is that many affordable funeral homes provide a natural burial ground for their clients. However, some of them don’t advertise it, so many people are unaware of this option. When in doubt, it is helpful to contact a local funeral home in order to get the right quotes and information about this type of service.

A natural burial ground will allow a family to bury those who have passed away in an environmentally conscious way. This can make one feel good about their decision as it will benefit the earth while allowing the family to save on funeral expenses.

Cascade Memorial offers the perfect natural burial ground for your family’s needs.  You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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