ABC’s of First Aid Training

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Fireplace Store

When medical emergencies happen, first aid can spell the difference between a fast recovery and death. All it takes is six minutes for the brain to die once oxygen stops, says Livestrong. All it takes is five minutes for someone to hemorrhage to death. It only takes a few minutes to change a life. By knowing how to properly administer first aid, you can make those minutes count.

Basics of first aid

There are three essential things to remember before you get provide your team with first aid training in Illinois: Airway, blood and cardio. Often known as the ABCs of first aid, these are the top three issues you often have to deal with in real-life emergency situations.


Choking is a common situation where passage to the airway is blocked and thus requires emergency help. This is especially true when it involves children and babies. If theres no one around to perform a Heimlich maneuver or CPR, this could put your friend or family’s life in danger.


You need to make sure the person isn’t going to bleed to death. Knowing how to bind a wound properly to stem the bleeding or how much pressure to apply helps improve the person’s chances of recovery. Emergency first aid measures can stop the blood flow or reduce it enough to give medical responders time to arrive and transport the person for treatment to the nearest healthcare facility.


CPR keeps the blood pumping into the heart and brain, even after a cardiac arrest. It won’t magically jumpstart the heart but it can give keep the blood pumping to ensure the heart and brain aren’t damage by the lack of oxygen, improving chances of recovery.

We already leave a lot of things to chance. By providing your team with first aid training, you give them the tools to improve their health and safety whether they’re at work or elsewhere.

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