Is Custom Metal Laser Cutting Cost Effective?

There are many different ways to form shapes from metal. When it comes to working with metal sheet and plate, various cutting options can be used based on the type of metal, the thickness of the sheet or plate, and the precision needed for the final product.

Today, one of the most common methods used for cutting precision types of parts and components is custom metal laser cutting service. While this was a very specialized process not too long ago, thanks to improvements in technology and better overall efficiency of these systems, it is now a good choice for both prototyping as well as mass production.

Speed of Order Turnaround

The speed of all aspects of custom metal laser cutting makes it a lower cost per unit option than other types of cutting methods. The setup of the equipment is very fast, with multiple file types supported by the onboard computer systems.

The cutting itself is precise and accurate, and once the system is configured, it is ready to start the job immediately. The correct setup of the laser provides extremely fast cutting potential, particularly with thin sheet metal types of materials.

Ideal Edges

Unlike some cutting methods using tools, custom metal laser cutting produces a perfectly smooth edge to all cut surfaces. This means no need for deburring or grinding after the cut is completed.

The fine line of heat created by the laser to cut out the desired shape also means additional detail can be done with precision and speed, eliminating the need to use multiple cutting equipment on the same workpiece.

Unlimited Shapes and Options

With full computer control and the precise ability to control the movement of the laser over the surface, there are very few limits as to the corners, shapes, and complex patterns that can be cut using a laser.

Without contact with the surface, there is also no scratching, warping, or distortion of the surrounding surface, as can be seen using contact types of cutting tools.