Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Used Refrigeration Equipment?

by | May 29, 2019 | Appliance

Today, it’s very important to have an efficient business and this sometimes means cutting operating costs to the bone, when necessary. There are many ways the modern day business owner can save money on business expenses and if it’s time to replace a refrigeration unit or compressor, you can save a great deal when you by used or secondhand. But is this the best decision to make? After all, if you have cooling problems, a remanufactured AC compressor may be the better option.

Problems with Used Equipment

Suppose you call a technician in to repair your commercial HVAC system. He may check everything out and then tell you the compressor has seen its better day. In addition, he might have a great deal on a used compressor and he will get rid of the old one for you also. On the surface this sounds like a good deal and you might be able to get several years from the old compressor. But is this really a good deal? Let’s look at some problems which may lie hidden inside a used compressor.


There is no way to tell how many times a compressor has overheated and kicked out on overload. Compressors overheat for a reason. Either the system was dirty most of the time or there was a problem with other components. Overheating can break down the viscosity of the oil in the compressor and cause premature wear and tear. This is not a concern when you buy a remanufactured AC compressor.

Frozen Evaporator Unit

If there are problems with a commercial HVAC system, it can cause the evaporator to freeze up like a block of ice. Foam may form in the compressor oil and lead to compressor failure. This sometimes happens to older cooling systems.

Flooded Start Problems

When an HVAC system sits unused for a few months, vapor can get into the compressor. This vapor can turn to liquid and get into the oil. Refrigerant literally explodes from the oil and this can leave vital compressor components without lubrication during startup. A flooded start can damage the compressor significantly.

Remanufactured AC Compressor Units – the Better Choice

There is no way to tell what kind of life a used compressor has lived. When you buy one, you are taking a huge chance with your business. However, a remanufactured AC compressor from a trusted source comes with a guarantee and has been rebuilt to provide you with years of dependable service. Plus, you will save a considerable amount of money over the cost of a new commercial compressor.

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