Washing Machine Repair in Quincy, MA- Common Problems

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Appliances

The washing machine is an essential appliance that is used in most houses. Washing clothes is a virtual necessity for every person. Rather than wash them by hand (which requires a lot of physical effort and also consumes a great deal of time), most people just put their clothes in the washing machine, add a bit of detergent and let the appliance do the work. However, washing machines are susceptible to a lot of problems. Here are some of the problems that might require washing machine repair.

Machine Does Nothing When Turned On or Stops Midway

A common problem that requires electrical washing machine repair in Quincy, MA is if the machine doesn’t come to life when you turn it on. If the sockets are properly connected and the machine still doesn’t respond, it’s probably caused due to an issue in the electrical circuits. You will need to call in a local company that offers Quincy washing machine repair in order to get the machine inspected. They will take apart the electrical circuit and then fix the machine for you.

Washer Doesn’t Spin

If you are trying to wash clothes but the washer doesn’t spin at all (even though you are pressing the right buttons), it’s probably an issue with the motor installed within. The washing machine repair technician will carefully check the motor and then replace the damaged components. He will also check the machine repeatedly to ensure that the machine is working again.

No Drainage

If the washer isn’t draining the water properly, it’s likely an issue with the drain hose. If you can’t spot an issue by yourself, you can get an inspection done through a reputable repair technician who specializes in household appliances.

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