Is That True? Splitting Fact from Fiction About Black Mold Remediation in Services Waldorf

Black mold is probably the most nefarious and widely misunderstood types of mold. It is not unreasonable to say that the term black mold gives people chills and forces them to take drastic measures right away. But, are these measures justified? Is black mold really that bad?

Myth: Black mold releases poisonous toxins

Truth: Some black mold will sometimes release toxins

The reason that black mold is considered so nefarious is that it releases mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are not always released. Furthermore, the toxins may not be released at all given the right circumstances. So, even if black mold is confirmed, it may be “barren” or not releasing mycotoxins at the time.

Myth: the blacker it is, the more poisonous

Truth: Color has nothing to do with toxicity

Many people think that black mold is black. Furthermore, they believe that the darker the mold, the more poisonous it is. Neither of these things are true. The color has almost nothing to do with the toxicity. There are over 100,000 types of mold. The color is one distinguishing factor, but there are so many others (size, pore shape, location, etc). The color is just a feature. It realistically says nothing about its qualities.

Myth: Mold will grow with the presence of water
Truth: Mold typically needs constant moisture to grow.

Mold can exist in the presence of water and stick around. but, most types require the constant and steady presence of water to actually grow bigger and worse. There is a distinct difference between continual growth and mold that is managed and no longer growing.

So what is the bottom line for Mold Remediation in Services Waldorf? The bottom line is that mold is a situation that should be addressed. But, the mere presence of mod does not necessitate a week-long stay at a hotel. It also does not mean that the whole family is slowly breathing in poisons or the landlord needs to be sued. Most mold types cause mild allergies at worst. Only a few rare types (in specific conditions) are even considered unhealthy, let alone fatal. Companies will often take advantage of people who do not know any better. Reach out to ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services for more information.

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