Keep Your Automatic Transmission in Good Repair with Preventative Maintenance

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Automotive

If you want to maintain your transmission, you need to follow certain measures to avoid problems. The following tips can assist you in keeping your transmission and car in optimum running order.

Check the Level of Fluid

First, you need to regularly check the fluid level of the transmission. An automatic transmission supplies lubrication and cooling, operates the clutches, and drives a vehicle. Therefore, it is essential that the fluid level is examined on a consistent basis. Most transmissions feature a dipstick for determining the level of fluid. Refer to your owner’s manual if you are not sure how a transmission is checked.

Take Care of Minor Transmission Repairs

Take care of small transmission problems before they become big issues. Whether you note a warning light is coming on or see a few drops of the fluid on the floor, catch the small repairs before they become insurmountable.

Service the Transmission Annually

Your automatic transmission should also be serviced on a regular basis. The fluids in a transmission possess a number of characteristics that lead to degradation of the effects over time. When the fluids degrade completely, the transmission will not work. One way to keep your transmission operating is to schedule it for annual service. A total filter and fluid change each year can also add years to the transmission’s life and ultimately save money.

Regularly Add New Fluid

Adding new fluid can also assist in keeping your transmission running. However, don’t resort to buying the fluids at a supermarket or do-it-yourself parts retailer. The efficient additives on the market should be purchased from transmission centers.

Install an Auxiliary Cooler

The reason that any transmission fails is due to heat. When an automatic transmission is overheated, the seals start to harden, the fluid begins to break down, and the clutches start burning. In order to prevent a heat problem from happening, an auxiliary cooler should be installed. The installation of a cooler of this type is particularly essential for vehicles that either carry heavy loads or travel over precipitous terrain.

Install an In-line Filter

All transmissions contain some type of filter. However, each filter has a different level of effectiveness. In order to filter out dirt and debris that plug up passages, cause erosion, or lessen transmission life, an in-line filter should be added to the cooler lines of the transmission.

Maintain the Cooling System

The cooling system of the car not only cools the engine, but it also cools the fluid in the transmission. This is done by a heat exchanger that is located in the radiator’s tank. Therefore, not only should you regularly check the transmission and fluids, you need to check and maintenance the cooling system too. To know more about transmission services visit You can also like them on Facebook.

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