Keeping A Basic Inventory Of Power Transmission Products For Texas Sales

In Texas, or in any other area where oil and gas drilling is an integral part of the economy, having the parts on hand your customer’s need to keep the rigs and equipment up and running is a critical consideration.

Working with a top stocking manufacturers’ representative that has a good supply of power transmission products on hand is always essential, but it is also crucial for sales reps and supply companies to keep their inventory levels up as well.

What Customers Need

As a direct seller into the west Texas area, knowing what your customers require is the first step in being able to maintain the right inventory level. Keeping the most common sizes and options in belts, bands, couplings, bushings, and sheaves on hand, and even having a few extra in inventory, is a simple way to be able to fill emergency orders and become a trusted source of parts and components for your customers.

However, there are always situations where an unusual or odd size is required in power transmission products. In these cases, knowing you have a stocking manufacturers’ representative in your area with these products on hand is just as important. Unfortunately, ordering from a supplier out of state or across the state may mean days until the order arrives.

Price Factors

While most power transmission products are not going to be an extremely high cost to you or your customers, it is nice to be able to offer options. Some customers are going to want to buy exclusively by manufacturer, so having the brand names to offer is always an ongoing consideration.

Look for a good range of price points for different belts, couplings, sheaves, and other components. This allows the customer to choose based on brand, price, or a combination of these factors.

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