Tips for Buying the Best Pneumatic Tamper

Top compact solid or other types of materials, tampers have always been a useful piece of equipment. There are some tampers that operate manually, where the user has to lift and lower the device to create the compaction. This is possible to use in very small areas or for occasional work, but they are not an effective option on larger projects.

The typical pneumatic tamper offers a low-cost, durable solution. This piece of equipment uses air to create the vibration that settles and compacts the soil or material. However, with the basic pneumatic tamper, a lot of the vibration is felt throughout the entire equipment, which results in excessive vibration for the operator.

The Risks

The result of time spent using a traditional pneumatic tamper varies by individual, but it can include a higher risk of arthritis in the hands, arms and shoulders, increased rates of carpal tunnel and aches and pains in the hands, arms, shoulders and the neck area as well.

To address this issue, there are options on the market that offer a low-vibration design for a pneumatic tamper. The MBW ERGO-TAMP is one of the best products on the market and offers up to 70% less vibration for the operator.

Other Factors

While the design of the tamper and the short and long-term operator safety benefits provided are important, this is also an excellent option for other reasons. The design is taller and lighter, with aluminum used as the material. This results in a more comfortable operation for extended periods of time, and at just over 37 pounds in weight, it is easy to store and move about any job.

Working with a tamper does not have to be a bad experienced or something that is despised by the crew. Consider one of the new options in ergonomically designed tampers to provide highly effective tamping with improved user operation.

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