Keeping A Roof Over The Head Of Your Illinois Business Premises

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

It does not matter much if your business is located in a single story building or housed somewhere within a high-rise commercial complex if it does not have a good roof at its top. You are likely to suffer weather based problems such as excess snow or a severe thunderstorm, so it is important to have a sturdy roof. Something has to keep the rainwater (and melting snow) out of the building. Once water gains ingress at the top it is going to flow down and could even find its way into the building’s basement. As it passes through who knows how much damage it might cause?

Flat Roofs

The whole point of having sloping roofs is to speed up the flow of water off the roof and to reduce snow build up. However, for a variety of sound reasons, many business premises are constructed with flat roofs.

This does allow the owners to place things up on the rooftop, such as swimming pools, cafeterias, and roof gardens. In addition, they can use it for storage for essential equipment for the running of the building’s heating, air conditioning, and ventilating systems.

Water will not run off a flat roof as quickly as it does from a sloping one and all those things placed up there will only exacerbate the problem. In areas like Chicago the problems can be compounded by the climate prevalent in that region. Places like Aurora have seen tornadoes and blizzards and regularly receive heavy rainfall. The last thing any business needs under such conditions is to have a leaky roof.

Seal All Possible Leakage Paths

The successful construction and maintenance of commercial roofing in Aurora, IL hinges around identifying possible leakage paths and making sure that they are permanently sealed. Of course the roof also has to be structurally sound and strong enough for whatever might be placed on top of it. However, the prime purpose is to keep the weather out. It also goes without saying that when water does collect on the roof deck, it has to be speedily and efficiently drained off.

To achieve all these goals, you do need to select good quality materials and have them installed and maintained by experts in commercial roofing in Aurora, IL. Companies like the owner operated firm of Showalter Roofing Services, Inc. have been successfully doing just this since 1979. For more information, visit

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