Three Important Considerations When Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry in Pittsburgh

Your kitchen cabinetry acts as the backdrop for your kitchen. The cabinets you choose will set the tone and the entire atmosphere of the room, and they should both compliment – and be supported by – the other appliances and features. There are three important things which homeowners need to consider when choosing kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburgh, with the first and most important being the material your cabinets will be crafted from.

First Consideration: The Material

Every homeowner will have a budget, but keep in mind that your kitchen cabinets are the most visible as well as the most used element in the kitchen. The most popular type of material is wood, with the most popular types of wood being:

  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Cherry

All oak cabinets come with staining options so you can match the cabinets with your existing color scheme (or create a completely new one).

Homeowners can also find cabinets made from other materials, including laminated cabinets and vinyl coated cabinets. These cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. One of the trendiest materials for cabinets which work well is aluminum. Keep in mind that this material can become dented and damaged far more easily than other materials.

Second Consideration: The Space

The more space you can get from your cabinets, the better. When interviewing kitchen cabinetry installation companies in Pittsburgh, ask them questions such as how you can get the most out of your kitchen cabinet space and if they have any innovative storage solutions to help you maximize your cabinet space.

Third Consideration: Cabinet Doors

The doors you choose for your cabinets should reflect the mood of the kitchen while also complimenting your personal tastes. Your cabinet doors can come in nearly any and every design and consist of a variety of materials, such as glass. Keep in mind that the more detailing you choose to have on the cabinet door, the more expensive it will be and the more difficult it will be to clean.

Apart from the doors and the style of door you choose, you will also need to consider the knobs, handles, and the way the cabinet door will be mounted. The most common option is the overlay. An overlaid door is laid over the cabinet base and the face frame is visible around the door. A fully overlaid mount will pull the doors close together and hide the cabinet base. The least popular option is the inset door where the doors sit flush with the frame.

Regardless of your budget, a professional kitchen cabinet installation company will be able to help you discover cabinets you will love and at a price you can afford. Get more information about kitchen cabinets from Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center.

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