Knowing What To Look For: Protect Your Home And Safety With Tree Maintenance Arlington

Keeping trees on your property is not only good for the environment, but provides shade in the summertime and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, limbs and large branches can fall and damage your home and risk your personal safety, so it is important to have proper Tree maintenance Arlington for any foliage your have on your property. Browse website for more information.

Here is what you should do:

  • A major cause of broken and falling tree branches comes from powerful storms with high winds and frequent lightning strikes. Straight line winds or winds in excess of 50 mph can easily snap branches and cause them to fall. Make sure that large, overhanging branches are cleared away from your roof and windows to avoid extensive damage should they break.

  • After a major storm, go outside to take a look at the trees on your property. Look for partially snapped limbs that could eventually break and fall, and have them removed by a Tree maintenance Arlington service immediately.

  • It is generally a good idea to keep trees properly pruned throughout the year. This is especially true of large, tall trees like pines and oak, which are weaker at the tops and pose more risk of breakage during bad weather. The best times to prune trees are in the winter, which helps them grow correctly, and in the summer, to clear up any excess growth or other problems.

  • Another cause of dangerous, broken branches is tree rot. This is caused by fungi and other pathogens that infect trees, softening their trunks and branches. Take note if any of your trees have large conch-like mushrooms growing on the trunks, a powdery, white mold on the leaves and branches, oddly colored leaves with numerous spots and holes, or if leaves stop growing altogether. These are all signs of tree diseases that could cause problems in the future.

If you notice tree rot, call in a professional to determine if any parts of the tree need to be removed or if there is a way to get rid of the fungus. It is possible to prune trees yourself, but it is best to only do this with small trees and shrubs. For large trees with heavy branches, call a Tree maintenance Arlington service like Business Name to take care of any issues you have.

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