Landscape Maintenance and Tree Service in Spokane

Homeowners and commercial property owners typically spend a substantial amount of money to have the yard or entrance professionally landscaped. Trees and shrubs are planted, flowers may be used to highlight a walkway or the side of the building, and the property looks stunning. Most will pass on the maintenance package at that time because they are thinking mowing the lawn will not be a problem.

The Next Year

It will take a year or two for property owners to realize all the work that goes into maintaining the appearance of the lawn. The weeds are out of control by now and trees and shrubs are looking overgrown. There is little time to enjoy the lawn because so much time is spent taking care of it. Reclaim the weekends by getting professional help with the lawn.

Trees and Shrubs

Tree Service in Spokane is cost-effective, will restore the original beauty of the trees, and keep trees and shrubs healthy. A health analysis can be completed by experienced tree service professionals. That will determine if the trees have pests, need more nutrients, or just need to be trimmed. Free estimates on all services are provided along with recommendations.

Pruning and Trimming

These two services are essential to healthy trees and shrubs. Pruning is the process of cutting back branches to allow faster growth. Dead branches, too many branches, or infested ones will hinder the health of the tree. Nutrients are being absorbed by these struggling branches and leaving the rest of the tree deficient. Once those branches are gone, the tree can grow tall and strong.

Trimming restores the shape of the tree and keeps branches from interfering with electrical wires, views, and the roof of the building. It also prevents trees from growing into each other and becoming entangled with fencing or satellite dishes.

There are three basic pruning and trimming types that can be provided by Tree Service in Spokane. Maintenance, structural, and aesthetic purposes each entail a specific process. Owners can Contact us to discuss desired outcomes with tree specialists prior to work beginning. Boost curb appeal and increase property value by maintaining exquisite landscaping.

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