3 Signs Of A Top PHP Developer In Atlanta

Hiring a PHP developer doesn’t have to be complicated if you keep a few basics in mind. However, there are also some common mistakes made by Atlanta business owners and managers that can result in hiring less than an ideal professional for the job.

One of the most common mistakes is to hire freelance PHP developer rather than choosing to work with a professional that is part of an established and known web design and development company. Working with a local Atlanta company is even better as it allows for easy communication and interaction, ensuring you get just the features and website functions that are required.

Experience In PHP Development

This may seem obvious, but not all professional who markets their services in the PHP field are actually experienced. This is one of the reasons that hiring freelancers is so risky. People can say they are experienced or even have advanced degrees and training, but it can be cumbersome and different to verify this information.

With a reputable website development service, you can rest assured that the company has done their due diligence on those they hire. Additionally, the developer will work to that company’s standards, which is always an important consideration.

Working to Deadlines and Requirements

While cost will be important, so will the ability of the PHP developer to get the work done to the required standards as well as on the necessary timeline. In most cases, the PHP work and the website development and design will be integrated, which can be more challenging when using multiple freelancers or different professional services.

Referrals Available

Look for a website development company offering PHP services and development that has a proven track record. Make sure to review their work and to ask for references to talk to past customers. This will be very helpful in determining what you can expect from someone who has actually used the service.

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