Large Format Printing in Chicago: The Ins And Outs

One would be hard pressed to find a reliable large format printing company in Chicago who could offer quality and on-demand large format printing services. This also includes the full range of related services such as graphic design, vectorization and other reprographic services, and the wide array of marketing materials that are now absolutely critical for many corporate outfits that need to stand out in the market. Marketing materials and branding that make a bold statement will depend on any of the quality large format printing options available. Very few companies do professional large format printing in Chicago.

What Is Large Format Printing?

Marketing materials are quite ubiquitous because of their relatively low cost of printing, especially in larger quantities. These include catalogs, brochures, booklets, calendars, flyers, manuals, postcards, and invitations, among others. However, with pressure for visibility and branding ever on the rise, relatively larger marketing and branding materials such as banners, posters, signs, stickers, and other trade show materials have gained in importance and popularity. Therefore, the demand for large format printing has soared to meet this demand. It has two distinguishing features: the ink transfer process and the support for maximum print roll width.

How ‘Large’ Can Large Format Printing Get?

Large format printing has a maximum print width capped at about 61 inches, which is ideal for large vinyl banners that are popular for outdoor use such as trade shows where visibility is critical and the brand can easily be swallowed up in the massive crowds. Large format printing allows for those spectacular and durable banners and custom signage that makes the brand stand out. However, the outputs may get as wide as 72 inches. Beyond these dimensions, they are considered to be ‘super-wide’ or ‘grand’ formats.

Wall graphics and stickers are all the rage in the interior design and advertising space and large format printing has some options available, including repositionable and fade resistant options and size flexibility. This size flexibility offered by large format printing is also popular in the art reproductions space. Large size canvas may be printed according to the design and specific need. It also allows for flexibility in poster sizes.

How to Identify a Large Format Printing Company

Marketing and branding is critical to any corporate entity and identifying the right company is just as important. For those in Chicago, finding a good large format printing company is even harder. A seasoned large format printer has a lot to offer apart from the printing services. They have experience. Experience and expertise are the most important factors because of the added benefits such as the valuable advice that will come from a seasoned partner. Turnaround times are critical as no one wants to be thrown into a never-ending queue. It is also cost-effective and wiser to work with a firm that offers the full range of services, including in-house graphic design, props, frames, and any other equipment that would be required for the outputs. This will help keep off the hassles of running around town to put everything together.

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