There aren’t too many things worse than the constant drip from a shower faucet while trying to go to sleep, unless it’s waking up and finding wet drywall, most likely caused from a leaky shower pipe. Of course, usually the pipe is hidden somewhere behind a wall, making the job all the more difficult. For simple shower repairs, it may be possible for a moderately skilled Do-It-Yourself homeowner to tackle the job, but when it comes to locating a leaky pipe and cutting drywall to access it, most people rather call for professional shower repair in St Louis than attempt to do the job themselves.

A simple dripping faucet, while annoying, is typically a simple repair. The drip is usually caused by an “O” ring or washer that needs to be replaced or a bad valve or leaking cartridge. Unfortunately, as faucets age, it may not be possible to always locate the parts necessary to complete the repair. At times like this, it’s usually suggested to replace the entire faucet instead of endlessly searching for obsolete parts. Some of the higher-end quality faucet manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on parts with only a phone call. This can save much money for the homeowner able to do the repair on their own after the parts are sent to them.

A leaky pipe can go unnoticed for quite a long time, if the evidence is hidden behind a door or in a rarely accessed closet. Always be aware which wall the shower plumbing backs up to and inspect this area occasionally to avoid an unnoticed leak causing extensive damage. Unfortunately, when showers are installed, drywall frequently covers the pipes, causing a fairly simple shower repair in St Louis to turn into a large job. Without prior accommodations by the original contractor, it may be impossible to access these pipes without cutting the drywall. If this is the case, the leak can turn into a major plumbing job, cutting walls to visualize the pipes and locate the leak.

No matter what situation occurs with the shower, most plumbing services will encourage prospective clients to visit us at Classic Aire Care learn now to diagnose a shower problem and know who to call if the repair is more than a basic problem.