Non-invasive Shoulder Muscle Pain Treatment in Surprise AZ

Shoulder pain can be as common and as debilitating as back pain. It can prevent people from sleeping properly, reduce their ability to lift correctly and make it impossible to perform simple tasks like brushing hair or getting something off a high shelf. This type of complaint is common for older individuals and for athletes, but shoulder pain can strike anyone, particularly after a fall or other traumatic accident. So it is best to get shoulder muscle pain treatment in Surprise AZ, to increase mobility while increasing the function of your nervous system.

Shoulder muscle pain treatment in Surprise AZ can range from applying heat and ice at home to requiring surgery. In many cases physical therapy and performing simple exercises will be suggested, regardless of the other forms of treatment that are required. Because the pain can be caused by injury, arthritis or bursitis, as well as other issues like bone spurs and tendinitis, there are numerous treatment methods to consider.

The first step to creating a plan for Shoulder muscle Pain Treatment in Surprise AZ is to have a proper diagnosis made. This can be done by visiting a physician or a chiropractor. Unless a serious injury has occurred, non-invasive methods of treatment should be tried first. Chiropractic treatments can include spinal decompression or alignment, as well as heat and ice treatments that can be applied at the clinic. There are a number of other methods that can also be considered, if required.

Because chiropractors are focused on recovery through overall wellness, they will likely discuss other health matters as well, including following a proper diet, exercising and getting adequate hydration. Like back pain, shoulder injuries can take several months to heal. It is possible for patients to receive some relief after a single treatment, but most will require a few weeks or months of treatment and therapy to eliminate the pain and regain their strength.

learn more about the options available for pain relief and how to get begin developing a program to address shoulder muscle pain, or any other joint discomfort. The best results will almost always be experienced when the treatment begins early. Anyone experiencing pain for more than two weeks should make an appointment to have the issue examined.

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