Maintenance Helps Prevent Plumbing Problems

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Plumbers and Plumbing

Whatever the size of your home or whatever your plumbing needs may be, it’s never too early to check the health and function of your system. Your local Park Ridge plumbers can help with any questions or concerns, and by following routine maintenance, you can keep the pipes running smoothly and help prevent any future disasters.

Winter Lingers

After harsh winter weather, it’s important to check that your pipes and equipment have endured the high wind gusts and negative temperatures. This includes an exterior rodding for your sewer line and all interior and exterior lines, even if they are plastic or clay. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to call your local Park Ridge plumbers to get a professional’s opinion of your system’s condition.

Royal Flush

If you’ve recently installed a toilet, be sure to check that all the connections have been properly aligned and that there are no leaks, as leaks can cause damage beyond the bathroom. If you notice any leaking, call a plumber to tighten the floor bolts and check exterior pipes to be sure their connections are tight as well.

Tub Trouble

A common concern among homeowners is a bathtub that doesn’t drain properly. If filling the tub and plunging the drain doesn’t improve the tub’s ability to drain, first check to see that you’ve sufficiently blocked the waste overflow, just beneath the facet, with a wet rag. If the waste overflow isn’t sufficiently blocked, it can allow in air to escape, which makes the plunging ineffective.

Super Sewers

To keep everything in working order, annual sewer rodding by a professional is important. The routine maintenance of a rodding cleanout can help prevent future destructive issues such as tree roots blocking lines and clogs that can cause systems to back up in to the home.

The best way to manage a plumbing problem is to prevent the problem from ever occurring. Of course, if you ever get in a pinch, you can find professional Park Ridge plumbers to assist you with all your plumbing emergencies.

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