Do You Need An API Developer?

As a business owner, it can be confusing when talking to the website development companies as they make recommendations for how to develop or upgrade a website and who needs to be on the team.

One of the terms you may hear from many Atlanta web development companies is the phrase API developer. To help to understand what this professional does and how he or she can help in the development of the website, let’s take a closer look at the basics.

An Overview of API

The term API refers to Application Programming Interface. This sounds complicated, and it actually is very important to the overall functioning of a website. The application programming interface is the way that different types of application software programs are able to communicate with each other.

A software program is not one big massive program; rather it is a set of individual programs that work together to bring about the desired result. For example, a website program may include a database program, the operating system communication, libraries, a framework and even specific programs that run different apps through the site or on their own.

The API developer is the professionals that write or works with protocols, building blocks, and tools for the individual applications. From this, the programmer and the designers are then able to focus on the big picture without having to work on the basic details.

Why it Matters

For any Atlanta business requiring custom software for an application or a website, having an API developer on the team is critical. This will ensure that the customized sections or the uniquely created elements of the site will be able to function, communicated and work with the system to allow for an effective, positive user experience.

By adding these professionals to the team early in the process, it is possible to enhance the communication between different applications, which in turn makes the app or the website more user-friendly and effective.

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