Making The Move To A New Assisted Living Home With The Help Of Family

Making the move to an assisted living facility often means that you’re going to experience several changes in your life at one time. It’s often best to have your family members help with the transition so that you don’t leave anything behind and so that you make the best decisions possible. With a little time and planning, it can be easy to transition to an assisted living Santa Rosa Beach FL facility with little effort.


Even though you’re going to have help at the facility, you need to get help before you move. This assistance can come from friends, family members, and even financial planners so that you have every avenue covered pertaining to your move. If you’re unable to take all of your belongings to your new home, ask those who are close to you to keep them. Plan a day when everyone can gather together to move items to your room or your unit in the facility, decorating and putting the finishing touches together later in the day or over the next few days.


Take a tour of an assisted living Santa Rosa Beach FL facility before you make a final decision. Talk to the staff and some of the other people who live there. Try to make a few friends, letting them know that you plan to move into the facility in a short time.


Include your family on the decisions that you make that pertain to your well-being. They need to know what you would want if there is an emergency or if there is something that you want to do during the day, such as going to the grocery store or going to a doctor’s appointment. Even though they might not need to know every detail of the things you do, they need to know a general schedule of your day in the event that there are changes or concerns.