Mens Diamond Rings: No Longer Just a Girl’s Best Friend

It used to be said that diamonds were a girl’s best friend—that sentiment seemingly implying that diamonds were to be enjoyed exclusively by the females of our species. Today, however, things are changing. Men today—especially men of renown success—are enjoying the pleasures and assurance of security that flaunting a diamond ring can bring.

If you’re one of those type of men, then you’re fortunate to be able to afford one of the many mens diamond rings available in the market today. Unfortunately, chances are good that you wouldn’t be able to pick out one that’s good for you even if it hit you in the face. What’s the right shape? What’s the right cut? Is the word “right” even applicable?

The cut of a diamond will determine its symmetry and its dimensions. The cut will also dictate the ability of a diamond to handle light refraction and, by consequence, create the sparkle that makes it so alluring and beautiful. A good cut will align the facets properly to allow light to bounce around and disperse up top. There are many resources online that allow you to look at the “sparkle factor” of a diamond to determine its value.

If you’re a guy, and one who enjoyed platformer games in the 90s, chances are good that the shape of diamond for you is that strange, huge triangular shape that the heroes always seem to try to wear—and that isn’t too far from reality. Because the standard diamond cut, the round cut, takes that shape when turned to its side. This is really the basic shape and often the ideal because it sparkles beautifully and brilliantly. Often, if you look at a display of mens diamond rings, these are the shapes that they take.

But they’re far from the only shapes available. Another particular favorite is the emerald cut which looks like a very clear round-edged rectangle. These are good choices too as they can be set onto larger rings and are far more visible when displayed. The particular shape allows for varying sizes, but at the cost of a little sparkle in the end product.

If you want a larger size while retaining some sparkle, then go for one of the mens diamond rings with an oval-cut diamond. These have far more facets due to the shape and therefore refract light better for a much more beautiful sparkle. These can get big but the facets do limit the size range quite a bit. These sit between emerald and round cuts in terms of both sparkle and size.

Ultimately, the question of which to pick is dictated by your personal preference and how deep your pockets may go.

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