Suspected of Murder? Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Warrenton Immediately

Every person regardless of their criminal history is entitled to an aggressive defense and fair trial. When a woman is murdered, the police always look at the husband or boyfriend first. If they have a criminal record for assault, the police might stop looking for any other person. They will take the evidence they find and do whatever they can to make it point to the husband or boyfriend. Men in this position should hire a Criminal Lawyer Warrenton before they are arrested.

Even if they are innocent, they can say things that make themselves appear guilty. Once they have hired a Criminal Lawyer Warrenton, the police can’t speak with them unless their attorney is present. That means that their rights will be protected through every step of the investigation. Their attorney will be able to hear the questions the police ask and estimate the type of evidence they have. He will also be able to have his own investigators look for evidence to counter their claims.

A Criminal Lawyer Warrenton has only his client’s interest in mind. He won’t be shy about looking into the woman’s life and finding out if there were other men in it. If he can unearth another man with a violent past, then he can use it to cast suspicion on that man. This is particularly important if his defendant has no alibi for the time of the murder. He will have to find evidence that casts reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.

If the defendant’s assault convictions were always part of robbery or drug charges, then the attorney will point this out. He will also point to the coroner’s findings that the woman didn’t have a history of broken bones are other injuries. He will also show that no woman has ever taken out a restraining order or filed charges against his client. All of these facts will show that he has no history of violence against women. The Criminal Lawyer Warrenton will use it to try to convince the jury that his client was never violent with his wife and would not have harmed her.

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