Metal Fabrication Services in Cleveland Offer CNC Laser Cutting

When you fabricate steel or sheet metal, it needs cutting, bending, and sometimes punching, welding and other processes. The best metal fabrication services in Cleveland have several methods for cutting and fabricating metal. One of the most effective methods is laser cutting and here is more on the subject.

Laser Cutting Benefits

Not long ago, sawing was the preferred method for many types of metal-cutting. As the demand for more detailed work increased, precision sawing saw a lot of use. However, thanks to laser technology, metal fabrication services in Cleveland can cut metal with amazing accuracy and in less time than traditional sawing.

Safer Technology

Laser cutting is one of the safest ways to cut metal. You do not need large saw blades for the process. With traditional saws, you must have proper guards and safety precautions in place. With laser methods, there are no metal filings thrown into the air or on the floor. The laser process is quick and clean.

No Contact with the Metal

Laser cutters do not come into contact with the materials they cut. This causes minimal damage to the material. The machine has fewer moving parts than saws, and you have fewer things to break down and cause costly downtime to the shop. When you limit downtime, you increase efficiency and profits. Shops can produce work faster and cheaper and pass this benefit on to the customer. Also, laser machines use far less power than standard saws, so you save on energy.

Many Materials

Most saws can only saw wood or metal effectively. However, thanks to lasers, metal fabrication services in Cleveland can cut and engrave a wide range of materials including plastic, wood, and glass. This work is extremely accurate and often used for precision projects requiring tight tolerances.

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