Modern Fireplace Choices

Not too long ago, the only mainstream choices in fireplaces were wood burning or gas log. Today’s options for a fireplace installation in West Michigan are far more varied. Pellets and coal have joined the ranks of conventional fireplace fuels.

Gas log fireplaces are a fantastic addition to a new home. Gas fireplaces are far more efficient than they used to be. The flame is consistent and quiet for visual ambience. The fireplace can be turned on or off, even by remote control or thermostat. Either propane or natural gas may be used as the fuel, with no mess to clean up. Propane is available almost anywhere, although natural gas is usually cheaper if it is available.

Heating a home with a wood fireplace is also more efficient today than in years past. Choices include a wood stove configuration or a traditional masonry type hearth. Either can be used to heat an entire house inexpensively, as wood is one of the cheapest fuels around. Both can help create a great gathering place for family and friends around the sound of the crackling fire. A weather-proof space to store the wood to keep it dry is required.

Pellet stoves are very popular today. They are more efficient than wood stoves, and the cost-efficient pellets are cleaner and easier to store than wood, with less space needed and no spiders or bugs involved. There are a smaller flame and less crackling noise than with a wood stove. The pellets may need to be refilled more frequently to a pellet stove than wood added to a wood stove.

Surprisingly, coal is cleaner than wood in a lot of ways. Hard anthracite coal is less messy than the soft bituminous variety. It can be stored outside and will still work, even after exposure to inclement weather. It burns more cleanly and efficiently than wood, gives off more heat and takes a longer time to burn. It is harder to find and harder to set afire. Selecting the best choice for a fireplace installation in West Michigan involves a lot more options today than in the past.

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