Sizing Tips For Square Bend U Bolts

While round U bolts are ideal for round pipe, tubing and bar, the square bend version is very effective for use with a square pipe, tubing or extruded or formed materials that have square edges.

As with the round shape of top to the bolt, square bend U bolts come in common sizes that are used to match common square tubing and materials used in the construction of buildings, trailers, marine applications and even in the manufacturing of heavy equipment.

The benefit to the square shape is the match between the bolt top and the shape of the item being held. With the square corners, which matches the outer diameter of the pipe, tubing or structural piece, the object is held securely, preventing vibration or movement that can cause noise as well as, result in surface wear on both the bolt and the component being held in place.

Measuring Considerations

When buying standard sizes or when ordering custom made square bend U bolts, it will be essential to ensure the correct measurements are available. This is a relatively simple process if you have an existing bolt or if you have the component that is going to be fastened in place using the bolt.

The diameter is the width of each of the “legs” of the bolt. These will be threaded from the end to a distance up the leg towards to the bend. The thread length is typically one-third to one-half of the distance, but with custom bolts, this can also be specified.

The inside length is measured from the bottom of the bolt to the inside of the top of the bolt. As these are square, the inside measurement is consistent across the top. The inside length is the space between the two legs of the bolt measured from the inside. Do not include the bolt diameter in this measurement.

When ordering, keep in mind that square bend U bolts, just as other bolts, can also be ordered with the clamp. This allows for uniform distribution of the pressure across the bolt rather than on each of the legs.

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