Modern Gas Fireplace Insert – Efficient Heating for Your Home

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Fireplace Store

Are you relying too much on your central heating system? Is the cost of heating your home becoming too high? Do you have an efficient solution to introduce cozy warmth into your living spaces? Depending on how you answer these questions, you may want to consider adding a modern gas fireplace insert to your home. Some of the features of these inserts are described below.

Old Inefficient Fireplaces

Some of the old-style fireplaces have a charming look about them. However, they were quite inefficient in how they distributed heat into the room. Many the fireplaces that burned wood and produced a lot of smoke provided heat at only a small 5 to 10 percent level of efficiency. Most of the heat was lost into the material surrounding the fire and up through the chimney.

Fireplace Inserts

The modern gas fireplace insert leaves the inefficiencies of old-style fireplaces as a thing of the past. These inserts utilize a steel or cast-iron enclosed fireproof box with insulated glass at the front. The heat created is kept within this close combustion system so that it is not lost to the outside. With some units, a blower pulls heated air from the room back into the unit.

Easy to Use

A modern gas fireplace insert is quite easy to use. These units can be started very efficiently, in many cases with the press of a button or flip of a switch. From there, simply wait for the cozy heat to envelop the room.

With a gas fireplace insert arrangement, you can start a cozy fire in no time. Through the use of a remote control, you can have your fire going immediately and experience warmth enveloping the room in a matter of moments. As well, these modern units don’t leave you with a cleanup job for you to attend to later on in the form of smoke and soot.

You can also find a unit that matches your décor and preferences in terms of color and style.

If you’re looking for a modern fireplace that can generate heat fast and efficiently, consider contacting a reliable supplier of fireplace inserts to review your options.

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