Moving And Storage Services: A Good Combination

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Moving

If you live in the United States, you are likely to move at least once in your lifetime. During the preparation for the move or because of the type of move it is, you may find you need to store some items. It may be a few possessions for a long time or all of them for a brief time. In either case, you should consider a company that combines moving and storage. This makes your experience in Knoxville TN or Akron, OH, one-stop shopping.

Why A Moving and Storage Company Is a Smart Move

You may not always be able to move everything into your new residence at once. Sometimes, you find yourself with your home sold but not able to move into your new residence. You may be relocating overseas and cannot take everything with you. You may even decide to move about or live in furnished places for a while. In such cases, you will find that a company that combines moving and storage capabilities are the better option.

Storage Requirements

Whenever you decide to place things in storage, you need to make certain that they are safe. You have to determine whether the moving company you decide to contract with provides the right type of facilities. Compile a list of requirements and check out the facilities in Knoxville to see if they fulfill them. The list should take the following into consideration:

* Time: How long do you intend to keep your possession in storage?

* Size: What size units do they offer and how large a one do you require?

* Location: Do you want an indoor or outdoor unit? What does the storage company offer?

* Security: Does the company have human security or is it essentially electronic? Is someone present and safeguarding your items around the clock?

* Insurance: What types of insurance does the storage company have? Does it include such specialized types as for floods, earthquake and fires?

* Condition: You want clean, insect free units. Do not opt for rundown units.

* Features: If you are storing items that are sensitive to the elements, you will need climate-controlled units. For such things as artwork and antiques, this is essential.

Talk to the moving and storage company about your specific needs. Be sure to visit the units and give them a thorough going over before you decide to accept their services.

Moving and Storage Combined

If you need to move but also have to store some items, consider a company that handles both. Talk to their Knoxville representatives about the cost for providing both services. If a visit to the unit indicates they meet their requirements and the price is right, go ahead and sign up for their moving and storage services.

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