Tips From Furniture Movers For Large Items

Anyone who has used a professional moving service has probably had one or two large pieces of furniture that the moving company was able to handle with ease. In Charlotte, NC, the best furniture movers are able to do this because they spend time training their staff to be able to lift and move items safely.

In fact, furniture movers are trained not just to move items to prevent damage to the item, they are also trained to move things to reduce the risk of injury to themselves. Trying to lift heavy items such as armoires, bureaus, dressers, pool tables, pianos and other large items can create a real risk for back, neck and shoulder injuries.

Sometimes it is necessary for homeowners to move these items within their home. You may not know that you can call furniture movers to provide this service, or move the items into storage in the case of a home renovation, upgrades and renovations, or even during flooring replacement.

In the event that you do need to move these items on your own, here are some important tips from furniture movers and moving companies.

* Equipment – if you notice, professional movers often use straps for lifting and moving heavy or bulky items where having a good grip can be difficult because of the size. Moving straps help to distribute the weight and also to secure doors or drawers to prevent them from flying open during the move.

* Use moving pads and blankets – one of the easiest ways to move heavy items on level surfaces, but not up or down stairs, is to use heavy moving blankets and pads to simply slide the furniture. Before doing this always remove drawers and top or secure doors they do not swing open.

* Use dollies – moving dollies are very low cost at any hardware store, or they may be available from equipment rental companies for a very low cost. You can find special dollies for moving items up and down stairs, and they will have the ability to make going up or down stairs very easy.

Always wrap the furniture in sheets or blankets to prevent any scrapes on the surfaces. You will notice that professional furniture movers always wrap items in padding. The padding can be held in place with a good quality clear wrap which is available from any moving supply outlet.

Last, as any good furniture movers in Charlotte, NC will tell you, the most important thing is to have enough people to do the job. Trying to move a heavy item without the help needed is going to increase the risk of damage or injury, which is certainly something you will want to avoid.

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