Moving? Make Your Old House Shine: Cleaning Service in Tucson, AZ

Moving can be hectic and overwhelming. Planning your move, packing, finding help, and loading the truck are just the first part of the process. You will still have to transport your belongings, unload the truck, and unpack. Just thinking about it is exhausting. You are ready for some rest and relaxation only to realize that you still need to clean your old house or apartment. It’s time to call a Cleaning Service in Tucson AZ.

If you rented your previous home, you may be responsible for some serious cleaning in order to get your security or cleaning deposit returned. In many cases, this includes deep cleaning of carpets, blinds, and appliances. Even if you normally stayed on top of regular housecleaning responsibilities, your previous home could require hours of work.

You may not have the professional tools required to do the proper job required to see the return of your deposits. A professional Cleaning Service in Tucson AZ can provide professional cleaning that will WOW your old landlord.

A professional Cleaning Service in Tucson AZ can provide:

01. Deep cleaning of carpets
02. Steam cleaning of hard floors and surfaces
03. Dusting of all surfaces
04. Cleaning of baseboards
05. Steam cleaning or other professional cleaning of blinds
06. Window cleaning
07. Fireplace cleaning
08. Deep cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms
09. Cleaning behind and underneath appliances
10. Sweeping and cleaning of outdoor areas

Since cleaning services work as teams, what could take you days, may only take them hours to complete. You will be able to hand over the keys to your landlord quickly and efficiently.

Hiring a cleaning service is also beneficial if you have moved and are placing your home on the market. Having your home professionally cleaned will set the stage for positive showings and a quick sale. You may even want to schedule regular cleanings while your home is on the market to ensure that it stays clean and shiny.

If you are moving into a home that someone has just moved out of, you may want to schedule a “move in” clean to ensure that the home you are moving into is sanitary and fresh and harbors no mold or other toxins. Check out to see what a professional cleaning service can do for your home.

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