Tips on maintaining inground pools

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

After sinking a great deal of money by constructing an inground pool you will want it to be kept sparkling clean. There are different approaches to pool service in La Quinta based on the pool but the common denominator is regular maintenance. Maintenance can be done by the owner or it can be contracted to a professional pool maintenance firm, even if you do contract out there are a few things to bear in mind as a pool owner.

Skim the surface everyday to eliminate floating debris. Debris will eventually sink and then it becomes more difficult to handle. Use a long handled net to capture leaves bugs etc. Skimming increases the efficiency of the circulation system and cuts down on the amount of chlorine that gets added to the pool. At the same time as the skimming is done the strainer baskets should be emptied and cleaned.

Inground pools need to be vacuumed weekly to maintain clear water and reduce the need for chemicals. If the vacuum is manual just run it back and forth as if you were vacuuming a carpet. At the same time as vacuuming takes place scrub the walls to reduce algae buildup and calcium deposits. Depending on the finish of the pool certain types of brushes are required.

Make sure the pool filter is cleaned regularly. The filters used on inground pools are sand, cartridge type and DE. Each requires cleaning but the procedure is different and the cleaning cycle is also different depending on pool use. Do not clean the filter too often as a little dirt actually helps trap other particles. When the pressure gauge reads 10 to 15 psi it is time to clean the filters.

If the pool is heated make sure the heater is cleaned periodically. Calcium scales often build up and restrict the flow of water which impacts the heaters efficiency. The heater may need to be taken apart and have the tubes cleaned with acid or a wire brush and this is best left to United States Pools a contractor who does pool service in La Quinta.

During the season water level of inground goes down quickly due to evaporation, splashing and exiting the pool. At the same time you skim the pool, check the water level and if necessary top it up. It should never go below the level of the skimmers as the pump may be damaged. In the off season, United States Pools in La Quinta recommend leaving water in the pool as the water weight counteracts the tendency for the pool to lift.

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