Need Local Movers? 6 Steps to Help You Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Hiring the wrong movers can lead to an unholy mess: damaged furniture, unnecessarily high costs and a big, fat headache. Here are 6 steps to make sure you sidestep those mistakes when you look for local movers in Santa Clarita:

Go beyond the quote

Too many people focus too much on the quote that they don’t consider other major factors. Reliability and service quality matter as well. You’ll want to include these things when you make a hiring decision.

Understand the contract

Don’t hire a mover unless you read through the contract. Understand everything. Check for terms and conditions that might require you to pay additional fees or charges. Are these reasonable? Will they apply to you? Find out by paying close attention to the contract, says How Stuff Works.

Be clear in your instructions

Hiring the best local movers in Santa Clarita won’t do a darn bit of good if you aren’t clear with your instructions. First off, make sure your movers know what furniture will need to be moved and which ones you’re leaving behind. Clear communication is key to ensuring you and your movers are on the same page.

Ask questions

It’s better to come into the interview prepared. To cover more ground, you’ll want to prepare questions in advance. That way, you’ll be able to sort through a number of potential issues and concerns for every interview session.

Prepare a list

It’s a good idea to prepare the moving company by providing them with a list of furniture you’re bringing along for the relocation. If that list includes heavy pieces like a piano, letting them know ahead of time will help. You’ll likely pay extra for it, though, so keep that in mind.

Meet up

Don’t hire movers sight unseen. Meet up with them before the move. That gives you a better sense of whether they’re reputable or not.

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