New Designs In Classic Beaker Bongs

There are some types of bongs that are considered a classic option and can be found in any collection. Throughout California and across the United States, one of these classic bong designs is known as the beaker bong.

Glass Beaker bongs used to have a very basic shape. They looked very much like the beakers used in any high school chemistry class, which is where these bongs got their name. Today, the definition of beaker bongs is a lot more fluid, with many different options in designs and styles that have the same basic shape now available online from businesses in and outside of California.

The Basics

Generally, any type of bong that features the traditional wide at the bottom, triangular shape of a beaker for the base, is considered a beaker bong. This base is the water chamber, and it is the place where the smoke travels through the water. The wide base of the bong not only adds stability, but it also allows for greater smoke production, providing a better experience for the user.

Many people prefer beaker bongs over tubes or other types of bongs just for the user experience. With more smoke produced through the bong, there is more robust taste and a better hit per draw, both of which are important for a quality smoking experience.

Additionally, the higher volume of water in the bong shape cools the smoke more effectively. It also allows for greater filtration of the smoke, eliminating the harsher taste associated with other bong styles and design options.