What To Look For In Beaker Bongs In California

There are many ways for people in California to enjoy smoking. The choice of the specific instrument, including the option of beaker bongs, is really a very personal choice.

Those new to smoking using bongs are often more than a bit overwhelmed once they actually start shopping around for the right bong. There are two main categories of bongs to consider, and those include beaker bongs or straight tube bongs.

Regardless of the preference for the specific type of bong, there are several factors to consider within each category. When looking for the best beaker bongs through an online website, there are at least three factors to consider.


All types of bongs should be made of quality materials. The top quality products use borosilicate glass. This is not the same as the typical glass used in glass beakers or other types of containers, and it is designed to stand up to direct heat without cracking or eventually shattering.
Other materials used in these types of bongs can include metal or silicone, both of which are durable and long-lasting.

Shape and Size

There are standard types of beaker bongs with the classic science beaker cone-shaped flat base and longer tube. There are also unique types of this style of bong that are more artistic in appearance and create a modern and stylized look. These can include a more rounded based or bottom or even a different shape of the tube and mouthpiece.

The best recommendation is to shop at an online store that offers a wide selection. Look for bongs that are visually appealing and offer you the smoking experience that suits your personal taste.