New Technology can Help you Purchase Heating Oil in Clinton

For consumers wishing to purchase heating oil in Clinton, today’s technology can make it easier and more cost-efficient than ever. A reliable company such as East River Energy has a computerized ‘degree-day system’ to calculate and monitor their deliveries automatically. Utilizing state of the art technology, they monitor your oil usage for your heat and hot water. Long gone are the days of going into the basement to check your oil tank. Some dealers run the risk of letting your tank run dry, causing your furnace to run out, but not East River Energy.

Heating oil in Clinton can be delivered in a variety of different methods as well. Environmentally conscious consumers are now using Bioheat, which is a bio diesel blend that is a renewable fuel. The benefits are that Bioheat helps heating oil burn cleaner, and not only is that better for the environment but it is better for your furnace or boiler. It will keep your equipment free of any build-up or sediment, and the best part is you don’t need to purchase new equipment, it will work with whatever you currently use. This is a biodegradable fuel made from organic sources here in the United States.

Another common option for consumers today is the use of propane for heating needs. Reputable dealers can switch you over seamlessly, regardless of whether you have a tank or not. Using propane is also cleaner, and cuts down on greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and other pollutants like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. Propane is also generally cheaper than other forms of fuel.

Obviously, homeowners are not the only consumers of petroleum. Businesses ranging from grocery stores to grocery distribution centers to power plants to trucks and buses will all need some sort of fuel at one point in time or another. If you have a fleet of vehicles or construction equipment, you want to find a dealer who has their own fleet to service your needs better and quicker. A good dealer will also be able to offer business owners the convenience of having their vehicles, as well as generators and fuel tanks, filled up on site.

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