Top Considerations to Consider when Advertising to the LGBT Community

Of course, everyone in the LGBT community knows that June is pride month. With that being said, it seems that many more companies are coming out to support the LGBT community than ever before. Of course, this includes a lot of LGBT advertising for big companies that are hoping to help and support this community. However, there are some things you should consider when advertising. Read on below for a few of them.

Check Out Your Policies

Before you even think about advertising, you should check the policies of your company to see if you actually are gay-friendly. Things that should be in your policies to show that you are gay-friendly include the following.

*Employment non-discrimination policy including benefits for same-sex couples
*Encouragement of diversity in employment
*Have programs in place that encourage the mentoring of and support for same-sex couples.

Show that Your Support is Real

Don’t make the entire campaign about getting the business of the LGBT community, because some big companies certainly will. Instead of going completely out there with your ads or barely having couples in your ads, go with real people for your ads that just happen to be gay. You will be surprised at what a difference being real in your support makes.

These are just a couple of the considerations you should account for when advertising to the LGBT community. Showing your support is important to them, but that support being real is the most important thing and will help you achieve the greatest success. Jumping on the bandwagon to support the gay community is fine, but if you want actually to succeed you have to be real in your support. For more information, contact the professionals at Pink Banana Media today. They will be happy to help you.