There are many different lighting options to consider, which can make selecting the correct lighting a lot more complicated than it may have been in the past. However, with today’s options and lighting technology, recessed LED lighting makes an ideal choice for many different reasons.

One of the biggest reasons is the long life cycle of this type of lighting. It is not uncommon for recessed LED lighting to last up to 15 years with daily use. The one issue that many people have is the initial cost of the bulbs, but over the lifespan of the bulb, this is a lower cost than the multiple replacements of incandescent bulbs or even for compact fluorescent lights.

Shapes to Consider

Most recessed lighting comes in the traditional round shape. This may be a flush type of mount that provides a smooth, even look to the ceiling. There are also round recessed LED lighting options that have a slight baffle or an edge that extends from the flush part of the light. This is designed to reduce glare for the light.

Square shapes are also possible and provide a modern and trendy look. Square may also be a great shape in a kitchen where most surfaces will have standard angles.

Trim Color

The recessed fixture trim for LED lighting is typically white or black. This will either highlight the light or allow it to blend into the ceiling when used as a downward light. It is also possible to use a reflector type of trim that will reflect the light and create a brighter overall area.

Finally, it will also be important to choose a lumen rating and a color for the bulb. Higher lumen outputs mean a brighter light and higher color temperature result in a white to blue light, also known as a cool temperature light.