Orbitzer Ac Compressor Basics

by | May 27, 2016 | Tools and Equipment

The Orbitzer Ac Compressor is a scroll compressor. This is one of the more popular new designs in AC compressors in use in both residential as well as commercial and industrial types of applications.

These systems, particularly for industrial and commercial cooling applications, offer several very important features. They have fewer moving parts within the system, which means they are going to have fewer issues with component failure, meaning and an overall improvement in uptime. This also reduces the downtime with these systems for both maintenance and repairs.

A scroll compressor uses a fixed scroll or a spiral and a moving or orbiting second scroll. The fixed scroll remains stationary while the other orbits or rotates, compressing and moving the refrigerant through the system.


The use if the Orbitzer Ac Compressor line offers several advantages over other styles and types of compressors. These systems are very low noise system when operating, making them ideal for any commercial or industrial application. In addition, with their design, they are actually much lower in weight, which is an important consideration with the larger HVAC systems in industries and large commercial buildings.

There are actually two different options for the Orbitzer Ac Compressor. The first is the most commonly selected for typical HVAC needs and is labeled as the Bitzer Orbit 8 for use with medium to high condensing temperatures. This is the system used for most standard air conditioners or heat pump systems.

The Bitzer Orbit 8 Boreal is designed for use in colder climates with lower condensing temperatures. These are the best compressors for use in water-cooled or evaporative or air-cooled systems that are used in colder environments.

These compressors can be used as single units or combined in tandem or in threes. This allows for ideal partial or full load balancing and helps to reduce power consumption and save on wear of each of the units. These operate as parallel compressors and offer a redundancy feature that is not possible through a single unit.

These are also compressors that can be used with standard refrigerants or with R410A. As with all compressors they can be purchased new or as remanufactured options.

The remanufactured Orbitzer AC compressor models are highly efficient, contain parts that meet or exceed OEM parts, and offer a lower cost option for a top of the line compressor for any commercial or industrial HVAC system.

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