Tips for Buying an Automatic Transmission for Sale

Even if you’re a great do-it-yourself auto mechanic, choosing to replace the transmission in an automobile is a huge undertaking. One of the biggest hurdles can simply be finding a good automatic transmission for sale that you can rely on.

Deciding What You Want
On the market, you will find new transmissions, re-manufactured transmissions and used transmissions to choose from. The prices on items do vary and you can sometimes get a great bargain. However, you often will get what you pay for. So while you want to consider your budget, you also want to do the research on the quality of, and get a warranty for, whatever kind of transmission you buy.

Choose the Kind of Automatic Transmission for Sale
Having your current transmission rebuilt is probably the most expensive way to go. There are a lot of man hours involved in having to remove the old transmission, fix it and then place it back in the vehicle. Buying a totally new transmission can often be less expensive.

You can find re-manufactured transmissions from many sources with easy searches available online. With so many available you will certainly find the kind you need for your vehicle. Re-manufactured automatic transmissions for sale go back to the original manufacturer or to companies that specialize in remanufacturing and are retooled using new parts. They offer a decent warranty, are reliable, have the latest fittings and upgrades and are tested using a dynamometer prior to sale.

A used transmission is most likely the cheapest way to go, and you can find them through salvage yards, transmission shops, auto recyclers and the like. With these you never really know what the inside is like, although the outside shows no apparent damage. However, if you really know what you’re looking for you can end up with a steal.

Purchasing Tips for Buying a Used Automatic Transmission for Sale
*Always be sure to get a warranty.
*Check the transmission fluid for indications of problems.
*You can always test a used transmission by using the shifter linkage. If there are any gaps while shifting, it has damage, and you should move on to another model.
*Ask whether the used automatic transmission for sale has been tested.
*Ask for a list of previous customers and contact them.

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