Pavng and Repairs for Driveways in Meridianville AL

Whether the Driveways in Meridianville AL lead to residential or commercial properties, keeping them in excellent condition is important to function and appearance. A gravel driveway is fine but not ideal. Some of the gravel gets washed away with every rain or heavy wind. That creates an uneven surface, indentations for people to trip over, and frequent replacement costs for new gravel.


Upgrade the driveway with asphalt paving. A smooth and flat surface is the result. Placing a sealcoating on the space when it sets will keep moisture out and prevent crumbling or cracking for years. The asphalt can be placed right over the gravel, which will serve as drainage material.

The steps for installing a new driveway include excavation, setting down a few inches of gravel for drainage, and pouring the asphalt. That is then smoothed out with a paving roller machine. The professionals will let property owners how long to wait before adding a top coat of sealant. It is important to alternate when vehicles are parked in driveways to avoid premature denting.


Pavers are thin tile-like pieces that are placed onto Driveways in Meridianville AL. They can be made of natural stone, brick, or synthetic materials that resemble stone or brick. Pavers are a bit more labor intensive to have installed, but they are more versatile. Designs, patterns, and different colors can be combined to add uniqueness to the driveway. This method is popular for grand resort or hotel entrances because the logo is included in the driveway.


Asphalt will be more cost-effective than pavers, but pavers are easier to repair. To help owners make a final decision, experienced paving and repair companies will provide free estimates for services. Some, such as S and S Traffic, will have a professional visit the site, assess the needs, and provide detailed estimates for both options.

Repair Services

Repairs include patching, hot pour crack filling, re-applying sealcoating every few years, and replacing individual or groups of pavers. Commercial services also include parking lot paving and striping, and liquid road bituminous surface treatment. Reduce liability, improve function, and boost curb appeal by upgrading an existing driveway or having one installed.

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