Understanding the Benefits of Permeable Pavers in Meridianville, AL

Are you planning on installing a new parking lot or wish to resurface a current one? If so, your contractor may offer permeable Pavers in Meridianville AL. While these pavers have been popular in the Northeast for a few years now, some contractors are now offering them in other parts of the country. What are the benefits of this type of paver and what are the drawbacks?

The Benefits of Permeable Pavers

First and foremost, parking lots that tend to flood benefit from the installation of permeable pavers. Heavy rains and tropical storms are common in Alabama at certain times of the year. This may lead to an excessive amount of groundwater and the accompanying flooding. As a result, sewers may not be able to handle the volume and the ground cannot benefit from the water. Use of these pavers helps to capture the runoff while absorbing and cleaning the water. The ground temperature remains cooler and air quality improves also. Furthermore, these pavers are very attractive, adding to the overall curb appeal of the property. These are only a few of the benefits a person needs to take into consideration when choosing a parking lot surface.

The Drawbacks of Permeable Pavers

Cost is the main reason many people opt for other paving solutions. The size of the project plays a considerable role in the cost of redoing a parking lot with permeable Pavers in Meridianville AL. Nevertheless, other factors also need to be considered, such as where the pavers are obtained. When they are purchased from a local store, they tend to cost more. Purchase from a direct supplier to keep the cost down when possible.

If you are repairing or upgrading your parking lot, consider making use of permeable pavers. Some businesses will find this is the right option for their needs. Others, however, discover the cost far outweighs the benefits. The only way to determine this is to meet with a paving contractor to evaluate the property. Visit us to learn about the paving solutions we offer and to figure out which is right for you. The team is happy to help in any way they can.

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