Pellet Mills in Oregon: Part of the Process of Feeding Pets and Livestock

Nearly everyone understands the process of grinding substances such as grain and coffee down into fine particles or powder, but Pellet Mills in Oregon do just the opposite. This equipment turns fine particles into pellets. The mills are commonly used to manufacture food for livestock or pets, and to turn wood sawdust into pellets. The finer particles are pressed into pellet shape of the desired size. A broad range of sizes are needed. For instance, a feline pet in somebody’s home will eat very small pellets, typically made of meat, grain and vegetables. Pellet feed for cattle is significantly larger.

The process of designing animal feed of any sort is a scientific one, with animal nutritionists in charge of the recipes. Owners of animals want to make sure these creatures receive a balanced diet. By crafting recipes that provide the recommended amounts of essential nutrients and are tasty for the animals, these animal dietitians become an integral part of animal health. If the food does not taste good, the animals may not eat it, even if they are hungry. Pellet mills in Oregon also become an integral part of this aspect, as otherwise animal owners would not have the convenient option of providing dry food in an optimum size.

Pet owners might be surprised to learn just how much of the country’s agricultural production is used to feed dogs and cats. About 140 million dogs and cats reside with people in the United States, and that requires a lot of food. Many pet owners feed their canine and feline friends table scraps and moist food, but kibble is a very prevalent source of food for those animals. Millions of bushels of grain and millions of tons of other commodities provide dry food for cats and dogs every year. The food is distributed into bags and other containers, and labeled with a list of ingredients. It then can be sold in a retail setting. Pellet mills from a company such as Leon James Construction Co. help provide dietary needs for many species of animals. Visit Website to learn more about this particular organization.

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