Pilates or Yoga- What is the Difference?

Both pilates and yoga have grown in popularity over the last few years. Many individuals may not realize there is a difference, while others may know that there is but still not be clear on what that is exactly. Read on to learn about the differences and similarities between the two.


Pilates is well known as a great workout to develop your core; however, it has much more to offer. A pilates class focuses on muscle toning in general, as well as body control, strength, and flexibility. It is commonly coupled with cardio or strength training workouts for those looking to stay in shape or lose weight. This is because the increased flexibility and body strength gives the body the needed ammunition for consistent exercise.


Yoga focuses on broad muscle groups and flexibility. The various poses help to increase balance, endurance, and strength. Many classes also offer a spirituality aspect, to help align all parts of the being. The different yoga poses can be challenging, so there are classes on different levels to meet people where they are on their journey.

Similarities and Differences

Pilates and yoga do share some of the same benefits. Both are great for enhancing flexibility, endurance, control, and body strength. You can find variety in either form of exercise, so there is a type to meet anyone’s needs. The biggest difference is that yoga tends to have a spiritual focus. It also tends to involve various poses that can be rigorous on the body. Pilates provides a slower paced, meditative option.

As you can see, there are key differences between pilates and yoga, as well as some commonalities. The great thing about these forms of exercise is that they are great complements to other forms of training, so you can explore them both. Check out the yoga courses and pilates in the West Loop to see what option best suits your body goals.

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