6 Reasons to Shop for New Curtain Fabrics

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Wallpaper and Coverings


Curtains can transform the look and feel of your interiors. Wondering if it’s time you replaced yours? Here are excellent reasons why you should:

They’re outdated

If you’ve had those curtains for more than 10 years, it’s probably time you went for a replacement. Want new color and designs? Shop around for new curtain fabric options to upgrade your interiors.

They’re old and worn

Your curtains might have been thick, velvet drapes some years back. However, if they’re now worn and thin, it might be time to think about shopping for new ones. Time would have taken a toll on the fabric no matter how well-made it is overall.

They’re faded

Sunlight fades fabrics over time, says Elle Décor. If your curtains are in a room that receives plenty of light, then those fabrics are going to fade out that much faster. You’ll be better off going for options in darker hues and colors next time. These will fade out at a much slower rate than bright-colored ones.

They’re not as warm

Thick, velvet drapes don’t just effectively shut the light out. These curtain fabric options make for great insulators too. Want to stay warm and toasty in your rooms? These curtains keep the heat trapped inside. However, if the fabric is already threadbare and old, that’s going to compromise their insulation qualities. If that happens, expect to find yourself shopping around for replacements sooner rather than later.

They’re short

Think short curtains look weird and awry? It would be easy enough to make changes to your interiors. Start by browsing through many of the available options for curtains out there.

They aren’t custom-made

In some cases, you might want to go for custom-made solutions that cater to your specific needs and requirements. If you have something in mind that would be impossible to find, a custom solution should be perfect.

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