Preparing A Profile For A Business For Sale In Duluth, MN

A final decision reached by a prospective buyer, who is looking at a business for sale in Duluth, MN, will not be made without due consideration. What a potential purchaser needs to know is whether the cost and benefits of buying a particular business will be any more advantageous than could be gained by acquiring a different business.

A prospective buyer needs to give close attention to accounts of past performance and will want to see records showing stability and consistency of growth.

What is of more significance to a potential purchaser is some strong evidence of growth potential and where the business is likely to be in five or ten years’ time. Information on the business’s present position in the market, and its future within the industry, should be available in a risk profile and from projected returns on sales and capital needs.

There could easily be more than one potential buyer for the same business for sale in Duluth, MN and the seller will want to know how each potential buyer intends to manage the business and their long term plan. It is therefore of advantage to the seller to have more than one interested buyer.

A potential purchaser and the seller must reach an agreement on a suitable payment structure. The seller is most likely to want to receive the biggest amount upfront or the total amount in a single payment, but there is always room for some flexibility, based on how the business is likely to perform over the first few years after change of ownership.

The rights of both parties need to be protected through a sales contract. This should cover arbitration provisions, consulting arrangements, bulk sales, adjustments, financing arrangement and allocations of the purchase price.

A sales contract should clearly state the role of the seller in the future of the business. Immediate severance is one option. Transitional involvement is another. The seller might be appointed as a professional consultant or managing consultant. Other issues can also be covered in a sales contract, such as arrangements for non-competing between buyer and seller.

Sunbelt Business Advisors are professionals who can prepare a confidential business profile of a business for sale in Duluth, MN. They can handle all the processes involved in the sale of a business and, when the right buyer has been found, help is also available if needed for effective coordination of the financing of that transaction.

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