Slow Running Drains? Drain Cleaning in Cedar Rapids, IA is the Solution

As soon as a homeowner notices that a sink or bathtub isn’t emptying as fast as it usually does, they should call a professional Drain Cleaning Cedar Rapids IA company. The timely intervention will prevent an emergency situation. Unfortunately, many people start with the chemical dissolving agents that are sold in hardware or grocery stores. This may leave them frustrated and with a bigger problem. Tree roots are one of the major reasons that toilets and sinks back up. Chemical treatments cannot handle this problem.

Often chemical dissolving agents only dissolve a small portion of the clog. The water is running better. Therefore, the homeowner thinks the problem is solved. The dissolving chemicals are actually sitting on top of the remaining clog. Over time, these chemicals may eat away at the pipe. This could lead to a leaking pipe, water damage and possibly mold. When a homeowner hires a professional Drain Cleaning Cedar Rapids IA company, technicians arrive with sophisticated camera equipment. It is able to travel throughout all of the home’s plumbing. It can identify the type of leak and the exact location. The plumber will be able to see any problems in the drain. This includes grease clogs, rubber toys, jewelry and tree roots.

Hydro jetting is able to reach and clean almost all types of clogs. The plumber uses a hose with a special nozzle that forces water out at extremely high pressure. This pressure is usually sufficient to clean the drain. Sometimes a rubber toy or some other solid object can get wedged in the pipe. The water may not be able to push it out. In that case, the plumber can use a mechanical claw at the end of a steel cable to pulverize it. When the clog is cleared, the plumber uses the camera equipment to verify that the clog is completely cleared. He will also check the area beyond the clog to make sure that no other problems exist. View website for more info,

Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning is one of the companies that provide these services in the Cedar Rapids region. Homeowners can contact them 24 hours a day. Free phone estimates are available.

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