Preparing for New Window Installation in Downers Grove IL

The prospect of installing new windows in the home is exciting. After fighting several years with windows that would not open and close easily, having new ones that work right every time will be a treat. In anticipation of the new window installation in Downers Grove IL, here are a few things that homeowners can do to help the process move forward.

Trimming the Shrubs

In order to manage the new window installation in Downers Grove IL, the contractor and members of the team must be able to get to the windows with ease. Taking the time to trim the shrubs around the house will make that task a lot easier. When possible, trim the shrubs so that there is room to remove the old casing and slide the new one in place without brushing against any of the shrubs. This one courtesy will help speed up the process significantly.

Moving Furniture Away from the Windows

Another way to help make things easier is to move furniture away from all the windows. As part of the installation process, the crew will need to come in and make sure the set of the new framing is flush and straight. That is harder to manage if furniture must be moved out of the way first. Anticipate the need for the team to check the set of the window from both sides, and make plenty of room for them to work.

Put Down Some Drop Cloths

Digging those painting drop cloths out of the storeroom is a great way to protect the floors. For the crew, having the cloths in place will mean they do not have to be concerned about tracking grass and other debris when they come inside. Once the windows are fully installed, and the crew has gone home, it is easy enough to gather up the cloths and take them outside for cleaning.

For homeowners who are thinking of installing new windows, contact the team at Contact Exterior Designers Inc today. After going over the different options, it will be easy enough to obtain a quote and schedule a start date. In no time at all, those new windows will be in place and help improve the overall look of the home.

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