The Major Contaminants Treated in a UV Air Treatment System

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Air Conditioning & Heating

In many homes, the air is recycled rather than renewed. While this helps to improve the electrical efficiency of the home, it can hamper the air quality in the home. This is because the contaminants already present in your home are being recycled rather vented out of the home. One way to treat the air already present in the home is with a UV light. The UV light takes care of different types of contaminants.

One of the things that the UV Air Treatment treats is the dirt and dust in the home. Dirt and dust is a part of every home environment. When the air is recycled, the dust merely moves from place to place rather than being removed from the air. Since most filters just filter the outside air coming in, the dust in the home is essentially missed during the cycle.

Another thing that is treated is mold spores. Active mold spores are constantly in the search of heat and moisture. Once they find these conditions, they will attach and create more mold spores. The cycle continues until the mold spores are killed. Since mold spores also effect the health of family members, they can be dangerous to have circulating through the house.

Some items in your home such as brand new furniture will give off chemical fumes from the manufacturing process. While some fumes will fade over time, some are constantly presence. After awhile, your nose will no longer notice the odours. But constantly breathing in fumes will affect those with asthma or who have compromised lung function. The UV Air Treatment can help prevent the recycling of fumes to other parts of your home. In addition, strong odours used in cleaners or from candles will also be treated as a way to help improve the air quality.

These are the major contaminants that a UV air system can treat in your home. Because home efficiency has required that homes are completely sealed up, the air inside is often recycled. Thus, the outside air filter won’t catch the contaminants that are already present in your home environment.

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