Preparing To Present At A NY Expo For Small Business

Making the decision to present a short seminar or workshop session at a NY Expo for small business is a wonderful way to give back to the small business community. It is a perfect opportunity for a business professional with real world experience to highlight skills, techniques, strategies and business applications to those interested.

These presentations are unique as they are short, typically lasting about an hour, and attendees to the NY Expo will pick and choose their own areas of interest. This means everyone in attendance in the session is already interested in the topic and has probably done a bit of research on your credentials as a speaker.

Getting prepared to present your workshop at the NY Expo can be broken down into three essential considerations. By keeping these in mind you will find the audience will walk away more informed and educated than they were prior to hearing your talk.

Keep it Simple

Since the presentation time for the NY Expo is typically an hour your actual presentation will usually be approximately 45 minutes or so, allowing time for questions and answers at the end or discussion throughout.

This is really a small amount of time so try to keep the focus of the presentation simple and clear. For instance, you would not be able to cover everything about social media marketing in the time allotted but a strategy for boosting followers or fans using interactive online competitions could easily be highlighted.

Keep it Entertaining and Informative

The top presenters at NY Expo workshops have the ability to make their presentations interesting, information and entertaining. This doesn’t mean an elaborate presentation but it could include small group discussion opportunities, interactive games to bring home a point or even the use of multimedia presentations to highlight a specific focus area.

Keep it Reality Based

Since you won’t know the background of the attendees for your presentation at the NY Expo try to provide information for those just getting started, those having some experience in business and those attending for advanced levels of information.

By including real world examples, either your own or those based on actual challenges or solutions used by small businesses, everyone in the audience will be able to see the connection and apply the information at the appropriate level.

Remember your presentation at the NY Expo may generate a lot of follow-up communication with your audience. This is a great networking tool which may also provide significant opportunities for other speaking engagements and possible business opportunities.

At Small Business Expo we are always looking for top presenters in all areas of business for our NY Expo. If you would like to present or to attend please see us at website for more information.

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